About Us

Our Mission:

Ravenswood is an organization which has as our mission the restoration of Asatru, the religion that was practiced in Northern Europe before the coming of Christianity. Our driving need is to rediscover, recreate, and revitalize the religion of the ancient Teutonic peoples, especially as exemplified by the Vikings. We honor the Aesir and the Vanir in our celebrations – and no other Gods. We raise a toast to our ancestors in the ancient rite of Sumble, and reverence the hidden wights that are our folk’s lifeblood – the Disir and Alfar, Dvergar and Landvittar.

What is a “Kindred”?:

The kindred is the basic unit of Asatru. A kindred is made up of individuals and/or households (hearths) which have pledged themselves to the Gods and Goddesses of our Folk and to one another. It is more like an extended family than a social club, although the social aspect is very much present and encouraged. We are a group of very close friends who share common beliefs and a common ethic.

When We Meet:

We have general meetings at the Blessing Tides (once a month). We also occasionally hold Lore Sessions to discuss and expand our knowledge of the incredible legacy of Asatru, and we have been known to publish a newsletter – the Raven’s Banner.

Our Membership:

Ravenswood is a non-racist, non-racialist Asatru kindred. Many of us have been drawn to our faith because of our heritage, but others have come to us from disparate cultures and lineages – such is the power of our Gods. Our primary judgement about any person is whether they are true to the Aesir and Vanir. Race and lineage is unimportant to that judgement.

Is Ravenswood a “pagan” organization?

We are not “pagan” or “Wiccan” or “druids” – Not that I don’t know good folk that are – we just aren’t them. Most asatruar and related “teutonic” faiths prefer the term heathen to describe themselves. Arguably, pagan and heathen both originally were used to describe people who practice a religion from the countryside, but in the 20th century, the term pagan came to describe a group of religious faiths such as wicca which are ususally not tied to a specific folk group. Heathenism is now generally taken to describe religions which are founded in the folk of germanic/teutonic/scandinavian heritage.

What organizations is Ravenswood affiliated with?

We are not affiliated with any national organizations as a Kindred, although we do encourage our members to support any worthwhile groups or publications. We have no affiliation with nazi’s, skinhead’s, or white supremecists – fascism is anathema to the spririt of Asatru!!! We do not foment any political agenda(s), and we do not hate any group. (We do, of course, reserve the right to hate specific individuals )

What about a “prison-ministry”?

Ravenswood does not currently have a prison ministry or outreach program of any kind. We forward inquiries from prisons or similar facilities to those heathen groups who do.