The Kindred of Ravenswood was founded at the Feast of Vali (February 14th) in 1993. Our original members were Dave Haxton (Godi), Keith Sauers(Lawspeaker), Kris Uhler and Lea Carpenter. Four folks, two households, one kindred. Dave and Kris were married in December, 1993 and Keith and Lea were married in May of 1994.

At the Feast of Vali in 1994, Chris Haviland and Ulfgrim were oathed to the kindred, expanding our number to 6. At the same feast a year later, 6 new members were added to the role of the kindred, bringing the number of oathed members to 12.

As we grew we also served the larger Asatru Community. Dave served as Wordsmith for the Ring of Troth, a national Asatru organization for the year of 1995. Joell Smith of Ravenswood served as that organizations Shope, editing Idunna: A Journal of Northern Tradition. In October of 1995 we sponsored the trip to Indiana by well-known author Diana Paxson, who held a seidh workshop in our hall. We drew attendees from all over the Midwest, and had a most successful series of sessions.

We were incorporated in 1996 on the Feast of Vali, and are in the process of obtaining 501(c)(3) status as a tax-exempt organization. We have participated in the past at the Harvest Moon Festival in Sheridan, Indiana, which not only helped us to raise some money for our activities, but was also been very rewarding in terms of community relations.

At Ostara in 1997 Dave Haxton resigned as Godi of the Kindred of Ravenswood. He and his wife Kris, relocated to Minneapolis. At that time, Chris Haviland assumed the mantle of Godi. Keith Sauers remained the Lawspeaker for

During 1998 and 1999, the kindred had a period of intense personal growth – which resulted in the spawning of a new sister kindred – Gyrfalcon Hall under the gotharship of Ulfgrim. Two members of Ravenwood moved to that new group. We added a new oathed member, and celebrated two additional weddings.

In the period from 2000 to 2004, we added 2 oathed members to Ravenswood and continued to mature as a kindred. Dave and Kris Haxton returned to Indiana and Ravenswood, with Dave serving as our first Elder. We sadly acknowledged the loss of their child in early 2001. We celebrated the birth of 2 children, and mourned the loss of the Godhi of our sister kindred, Gyrfalcon hall, Jason Cope (aka “Ulfgrim”), in 2004.

In 2005, we celebrated the birth of another child to the kindred – Hail Frey!

In the intervening years, Ravenswood has continued to celebrate the passing of the seasons and the life-tides of our members and their families.