The lawpeaker has the role of judgement and peacekeeping in the kindred. In olden times, the lawspeaker was a member of the gotharship, chosen both for his impartiality and wisdom, as well as a thorough knowledge of the laws and legal precedents of his people. So it is today, excepting that the lawspeaker is typically not the godhi of the kindred.

The primary governing body of the kindred is the Thing – a council of the membership which is constituted to decide on matters of finance, membership, and direction. It is the role of the Lawspeaker to balance both sides of any arguments, maintain the peace, and lead the process of decision making. In cases where a judgement must be rendered, it is the responibility of the Lawspeaker to do so. In company with the godhi, the lawspeaker is vital for providing direction and balance for the kindred.

Most lawspeakers are also Tyrsgodhi – devotees of the god of justice, Tyr.