Writings by Dave Haxton

The Myth of Baldr
What Odin whispered In Baldr’s ear, Not god nor man Was nigh to hear. What Odin whispered, Bending low, No one knowth Or e’re shall know. The [...]
Vali – God of Vengeance and Rebirth
No god or goddess of the Folk is as misunderstood as Vali — God of Vengeance and Rebirth In the #5 issue of Fjallabók, Rig Konúngr-Agnarsson [...]
The Harrow
The Harrow Hallowed harrow set in stone, starlit stair to Asgard’s throne. Hammer warded, blessings sown wrapped in mysteries unknown. Bifrost Bridge [...]
Tell City Rune Poem
Tell City Rune Poem The Aett of Freyr Fehu Cattle on the hillside Primal Fire Force of life Awakening desire. Uruz Ox of the forest, Lord of the Wood. [...]
Hammer Hammer forged from mighty steel; warder, guarder, force of weal. Shortened handle, heavy head, blessed token, spirit fed. Magic works within, [...]