Ravenswood is a non-racist, non-racialist kindred. Many of us have been drawn to our faith because of our heritage, but others have come to us from disparate cultures and lineages – such is the power of our Gods. Our primary judgment about any person is whether they are true to the Aesir and Vanir. Race and lineage is unimportant to that judgment.

We consider ourselves to be normal, balanced, and everyday sort of people. We are also very tribal in nature, and taking someone into the tribe is something that we do not take very lightly. As a result of this, we are VERY cautious about new people.

The method we follow with a new contact is this:

First we talk on the phone, then we meet at a public place – then we invite you to a blot (seasonal festival). Our process with new recruits at this point is to have them come to a few blots, and if they continue to be interested, they are encouraged to petition for membership.

It requires a consensus of the oathed membership in Thing (our formal business meeting) to accept a membership petition. Once accepted, the petitioning member is invited to all Kindred functions, and after a final vote at Yule – they are oathed at the feast of Vali (our patron among the Aesir) in February. A pretty serious process, indeed.

The timing for oathing into Ravenswood is entirely dependent upon the individual – their progress in understanding of the lore, their diligence in attending blots, and their acceptance by the membership. A fairly minimum time for someone who is not entirely new to Asatru would be one calendar year – but it may in fact take several years. In rare cases a petition may be withdrawn by the petitioner, or by a duly constituted Thing.

In most cases, we strive to keep our oathed membership local – in order that we may meet easily and build closeness. For those beyond reasonable driving distance, we encourage the development of new kindreds or the exploration of other (more local) kindreds. It is a commitment of Ravenswood to aid in the development of new kindreds and expansion of our way.